Upon Wings – Afterlife EP Review – 9 out of 10 Stars from Planet Mosh

Upon Wings’ new EP, “Afterlife,” arrives on March 5, and the reviews are rolling in. Planet Mosh is the latest to take a listen to the upcoming set, and writer Simon Bower gave the EP a grade of 9/10!

In the review, Bower called the EP an “exceptional release from an equally exceptional band.” He wrapped up the review with the summary, “I must say that I have been very impressed by this EP, both in terms of its song writing quality and its extremely professional production and delivery.” He goes on to call the collection “a real must for all fans of female-fronted metal.” Thank you, Planet Mosh!

Here’s an excerpt from the review, and read the full piece here:

For a start, the band definitely can lay claim to having a ‘big’ sound, classy thunderous guitar riffs, making a solid background from which the vocals of Anne Autumn Erickson shine through like the brightest star. For discerning fans of Female Fronted Metal I would compare Anne’s vocal delivery to that of solo period Tarja mixed with mezzo-soprano highlights a la Simone, with a sprinkling of Charlotte Wessels thrown in for good measure. Musically, again I draw on comparisons with Tarja and Delain but undoubtedly Upon Wings have a fast growing personality and sound all of their own.

It’s hard to believe, but the release of our EP is literally weeks away. To pre-order the “Afterlife” EP, head to Upon Wings’ page on iTunes.


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