Upon Wings Review Featured on Loud-Stuff.com!

Thanks so much to Dave Nicholls of Loud-Stuff.com for the great review of “The Dream!”

Nicholls describes our sound as such: “Growing as the track progresses, the vocals seem to echo around the speakers, forming into a sound which is both haunting and accessible at the same time, almost like a dark but happy dream.”

“I didn’t know what to expect from Upon Wings when I first looked into things but hearing it, the name represents the music which is on offer. Forming a sound which lifts and carries you to a new place, the soothing elements of this track are the main thing which needs to be focused on, somehow using a vocal line to do all of the work needed and resulting in a track which has left me happy, content, and wanting more.”

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Sweet dreams,
~AE, Upon Wings


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